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Will The Penny Stock Gold Mining Bubble Burst Soon? Peter Schiff Has The Answer.

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Gold mining companies are definitely the hit on the Pink Sheets and OTC Markets. Below is a list of of the penny stock mining companies that earned a rightful place in the video reports. Predominantly, they are not and have never been profitable, most have NEVER had ANY revenues.

Yet some of these gold or metal mining companies, like Amarok Resources (AMOK.PK) or Gold American Mining Corp. /previously Silver America, Inc/ (OTC:SILA) were able to hit a market cap of over several hundred millions! Although it’s not uncommon for a penny stock to have no operations and 1 employee, and no assets, only miners are currently able to reach such a formidable valuation.

This is why Pink Sheets and OTC Markets are the places where a looming gold and precious metals bubble is so obvious. Investors seem to currently have so much confidence in gold that they’re willing to take a serious risk with some of the companies mentioned below. Where does it go from here? Can gold mining companies get even more hyped up or we’ve reached the top?

The answer has economist Peter Schiff, whose “laughable” predictions a few years ago are now coming true with a striking accuracy. Although many so called pump-and-dump companies take advantage from the current market trends, little of what stands behind the price of gold, is hype. Watch the video and you’ll see…

Here’s a list of the penny stock ‘winners’:
Amarok Resources, Inc (OTC:AMOK)
Topaz Resources, Inc (OTC:TOPZ)
Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc (OTC:MSEH)
NT Mining Corp (OTC:NTMG)
Gold American Mining Corp. (OTC:SILA)
Daulton Capital Corp (OTC:DUCP)
Liberty Silver Corp (OTC:LBSV)
Black Hawk Exploration Inc. (OTC:BHWX)
Silver Falcon Mining (OTC:SFMI)
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp (OTC:LBSR)

2 Responses

  1. james moylan

    February 1st, 2011 at 7:30 pm


    I have a web site where I research stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. I would like to comment about gold. the price of gold today is 400 dollars above its all time high in 1980 of 1000 dollars an ounce. I think silver is a better buy here its all time high in 1980 was 50 dollars an ounce its still 20 dollars below its all time high.

  2. mark

    February 1st, 2011 at 11:28 pm


    enough conspiracy! price of gold is way over what it should be and soon lots of conspiracy freaks will get BURNED

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